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About 玫瑰害虫解决方案

Serving 密西根州 俄亥俄州 Indiana, Kentucky 和 Western Pennsylvania for over 150 years.    

玫瑰害虫解决方案 自1860年以来就一直致力于解决害虫问题。今天,我们延续了提供有效的住宅和商业场所的悠久传统。 pest control solutions for Michigan, Ohio, NE Indiana, Northern Kentucky and 西宾夕法尼亚州。    

玫瑰害虫解决方案 is locally owned 和 operated. That means we can quickly 和 confidently implement 和 provide you with the latest technological advancements 和 green initiatives available today.

我们了解保持安全,无虫害的环境的重要性。那’s why all our pest management programs are developed 和 overseen by our staff 昆虫学家 ,以确保我们始终遵守最新 综合虫害管理 practices 和 current regulations.

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玫瑰害虫解决方案可为您提供可靠,有效的虫害控制,由经验丰富,训练有素的技术人员来管理。 蟑螂,老鼠甚至臭虫都不会’当我们没有机会’re on the job. 您可以指望罗斯提供全面的服务 pest control throughout our  服务区 .

We offer a variety of eco-friendly 除害虫s services for residential, commercial 和 industries, including:

与七  昆虫学家  on staff, we offer in-service training to commercial clients 和 educational outreach to the public, school classrooms 和 individuals seeking information about Entomology.

玫瑰害虫解决方案 maintains close ties with their communities 和 is also involved with many national organizations.  Check out our local 和 national affiliations.



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